life is as rich as you want it to be. Dive deep.

“I want to work in revelations not spin silly tales for money.”— Kerouac

I remember the reason I became a photographer. I remember that day. I remember where I was, where I was sitting. I remember my exact moment of epiphany. I wanted to have a job that I could live wherever I wanted to. I wanted to travel. I wanted to have experiences beyond my norm. I wanted to meet and study people, learn from other cultures and wise humans who've been navigating the earth a lot longer than I. Most importantly, I wanted to remember. And that was it. I borrowed a 35mm Pentax and never looked back. 

I am so grateful to be able to do what I do. Most importantly, I'm so happy that this memory catcher with a viewfinder so gracefully opens doors I wouldn't other wise get to walk through. Because of my job I get to learn from people I wouldn't normally get to learn from, partake in conversations with humans I find interesting and witness some of the most special moments I've ever had in my entire life. 

Some say it's an addiction. I agree. The camera allows me to chase my unquenchable creative desires and curiosities. It goes so much further beyond visuals, it's the experience. And that my friends is what I chase. It's the reason I love to exist.


Cambria, a freelance photographer, started shooting music at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas in 2000 after she moved back to the States from living in the south of France. She worked as Stubb's venue photographer for almost 10 years.

During her tenure at Stubb's, Cambria was asked to take on the photo manager position at C3 Presents where she worked the production company's very first festival, ACL Fest, in 2002. This evolved into what it is today with Cambria working the festival circuit with C3 as the photo director for festivals such as LollapaloozaACL Festival and so many more. To learn more about her traveling festival photo career and dream team machine, check out her company Loud Capture

This wonderful career working with musicians has led to many awesome relationships and projects such as album covers, touring, and most recently the making of the Foo Fighter's surprise EP, St.Cecilia.  

In addition to shooting music Cambria is also ever so lucky to be able to indulge in that crazy wanderlust passion of hers traveling around the world shooting. In the mid 2000's Cambria embarked on her first international photo trips working with and assisting photographer Brent Humphreys shooting Project Le Tour, an ambient study of the people and the cult like atmosphere surrounding the Tour de France. Part of a three person traveling photo team, Cambria and her cohorts lived out of the back of a van and camped all over France and it's neighboring countries for four and five weeks at a time for a handful of years.

Fast forward to now, with many an adventure under her belt, you will find Cambria often traveling, shooting and having a blast with Intuitive ContentAndrew Zimmern's new television production and development company. Check out her travel and documentary photographs here: projects

Photo by Brent Humphreys

Photo by Brent Humphreys



In addition to shooting, Cambria has been hand sewing leather pieces for as long as she can remember. In 2011, a local Austin store called By George asked her to make bags for them to sell. A hobby turned into a business over night. First only a bespoke studio, she's now grown this business into what it is today, a boutique studio hand sewing unique accessories of the highest quality for wonderful and like minded partners such as Hotel St. CeciliaEl CosmicoSpartanMartin Patrick 3By GeorgeSunroom and more.

Check out the goods at:

Cambria's Leather Studio in Austin